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3 Essential Elements of Your Marketing Design Strategy

When starting your Marketing Design Strategy planning, the 3 essential elements of your plan need to be present. Of course, there are more elements that will help. But here are the main 3 that need to be considered.

  • Logo Design

    Your logo is your insignia, your brand! Careful attention needs to be taken in developing the symbol that will represent you and your company on all of your marketing materials. This should not be left up to amateurs, a friend, or a clip art palace allowing you to "create" your own logo. Professional design is crucial for this element that will be your mark!

  • Business Cards

    A well-designed business card still holds as a powerful mainstay in business communications. Your card becomes your connection to potential customers or clients and must be designed in a manner that presents professionalism. In many instances, it is your first face-to-face "impression". There are many different channels to communicate your message but they all can and should be referenced on a single, high-quality business card.

  • Brochure/Handout

    Your potential customers meet and talk to many people just like yourself, on a daily basis. When you leave that initial meeting, you need to have a professionally designed "leave behind" that will reiterate the message you just spent time presenting. Alpha Dog will design a brochure or hand-out that you will be proud to provide. The message and design will be consistent and promote you in a very professional way.

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The first place to start in your marketing strategy is developing a good plan. We can help you with that!


An effective marketing strategy that goes smoothly and results in meeting your objectives starts with a solid plan! Alpha Dog is not only there for you to carry out that plan, but we can also assist in the planning stages. Getting the professionals of Alpha Dog involved early in your strategy session to manage the marketing services you need will lead to expectations that are set and met, ultimately resulting in a well- planned and well-executed marketing strategy. Here is what to consider in your planning session:


Measurable Objectives of the Plan
Your plan must have goals. These goals need to be precise and measurable. Otherwise, you cannot gage the effectiveness of your marketing strategy because there is nothing to measure it against. Launching a plan is not the end of it. Your plan will need to be tweaked and managed to hone in on the final objectives. You will not know how to manage the strategy if you have nothing to measure. Alpha Dog can help identify those milestones and put together steps to reaching them!


Steps to Reaching Those Objectives
Once you have gotten your goals defined, now you need to figure out how to reach them. Our marketing service packages offer crucial elements to moving towards those objectives. Depending on the plan, we will design and craft your message accordingly and deliver materials that have your objectives in mind.


Web Site Design Services Alpha DogWeb Site Design Packagesby Alpha DogElements Needed to Take Those Steps

There are many, many business communication methods at your disposal which may at times be overwhelming. Alpha Dog has designed many packages from Web Packages to Marketing Service packages that will result in a consistent marketing strategy that will grow as your company grows. All you have to do is make the decision to get started by signing up with Alpha Dog. Then we will lead you through the process and help you come up with an effective strategy that doesn't break the budget.


Those are just a few of the things you need to know. Let Alpha Dog handle your Marketing Services and we will keep you informed of all the "details" involved in creating a plan that meets your objectives.


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